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Client Presentation Tips

Client Presentation Tips.

Continuing the Creative Theme Month with this article about Presentations and what to do and not do.

Presentations can make or break a proposal or help you loose a possible client. The following tips should help you get set and make a presentation that get your prospects attention.

1. Using Images and/or Diagrams.

This is a way to quickly convey your message and get someones attention. Make sure the images relate to the subject and serve a purpose. You wouldn’t use an image of a model if you were selling your car. Add a tile and description with the image.

Diagrams should also relate to the subject and Infograms have been taking the lead in that area. So, come up with an Inforgram that relates to your business.

2. Text Pages.

Text pages need to have readable type and contrast. Headlines should be larger then the body type. The best fonts are Tahoma, Georgia and Times Roman and the body copy should be at lease 18+ pt type. This makes it easier for someone with glasses to read and if placed at a distance from the viewer. But check it in your studio to be sure the size is readable at a distance.

Avoid upper case letters since they can be hard to read and as everyone today knows it indicates shouting.

3. Don’t Read.

This is something you need to avoid. Reading your own copy. Let the prospect do the reading at their own pace. If you start reading it seems as though you want to get done quickly.  We all have somewhere to be, but you want to be where you are…with a prospect.

Handout should be used when you have a lot of information to convey. Make sure to follow the guidelines above when designing them.

4. Videos.

Videos are important if they look professional. Weird cartoons and odd sound effects or music can be very distracting from your message. So…KISS. That’s right…keep it simple stupid. The sound level is also very important so be sure to set it ahead of time or be able to lower or raise it instantly so you don’t scare the prospect.

Transitions are questionable, but can be used if there are only a few.

5. Colors.

Keep the colors limited to your brand. If you have a 2 color logo use the same colors throughout the presentation. Backgrounds should be white when possible or pale colors to make you type stand out.

6. Slide Presentations.

These can be tough, so you should do a lot of practice before considering showing it to a prospect. This ensures you have found any mistakes in the order or maybe something needs to be added.

And above all…use “Spell Check”if your system doesn’t find mistakes automatically. The system we are using shows the mistakes with a red line below the word and it would be prudent not to show a potential client any mistakes in your presentation.

To Your Success.

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