Is Your Creativity Sleeping? Get More Now!


Is your creativity sleeping? Are you a design freelancer? Or are you someone who wants to be creative? How many times have you picked up a pencil to create something, but come up with nothing? Wake Up Your Creativity is a Kindle book that can help with many different ways to access your creative nature. It is said we are …

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Warning – Do You Want to Succeed As a Freelancer?


This might seem like a crazy question, but it one that you seriously need to answer. some freelancers are doing just enough to get by and existing while others are trying hard and not succeeding. So, what is the problem? How you conduct yourself and your business. Are you learning more about potential clients? Are you working harder on creating the right …

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to All


This years Christmas design is not in the header instead it is a stroll through card designs from the past with our GIF. I did a lot of research to find the cards from the past, but it was actually fun to do. Seeing all the varieties of card design throughout the years give you a good look at the …

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I LOVE FREELANCING – Translated in 62 languages


Do you know how to say “I Love Freelancing” in Albanian, Bulgarian, Dutch or Finnish? Yeah…we didn’t either. It seems that almost everyone – everywhere is freelancing. At least the ones who like design and art. We were always wondering how other nations would say “I Love Freelancing”, so we translated those words into the 62 different languages listed below. …

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UPDATE – New Free Creativity Courses

TCT Test Your Creativity

We have started to post some of the new creativity courses that will be available to our members for free. We have posted the information of the ones that will be ready soon and would like to know if you are interested in them or would like to see something different. The purpose of these courses is to help freelancers/independents …

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