Artist Interviews

Don Seegmiller Interview

Don Seegmiller Corel Painter Interview. Don Seegmiller is an accomplished artist and Corel Painter pro and been given his own issue.  How many artists do you know that have their own how-to book? Thank you to Don for taking the time away from his busy schedule to do this short interview. 1. How did you learn Corel Painter? I learned …

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The Unbelievable in Photoshop

Wishful thinking - Wilheim

The Unbelievable in Photoshop. You are probably wondering what could be so unbelievable?  Simple…John Wilhelm’s photographs. John creates some fantastic photography with Photoshop.  I looked at his images and found that the work is great and his subjects (the little girl) have some funny expressions. Not sure if the expression is Photoshopped or real, so I asked him: 1. Are …

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