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Are You Still Using Ready Made Typefaces?

Using typefaces on any project can take a lot of decisions and figuring out whether existing ones will work or designing a new one might be better.

There are tons of typefaces out there, but like TV not many that are really useful in the long-run. We have gone through hundreds of faces to find the perfect ones and always come back to a certain few. Why? Simplicity and easy reading in the new mobile devices.

Of course designing your own font is not easy, but with the on-line font construction sites it is easier then you might think.

The first thing to consider is if you really new a new font or if existing ones are OK to use for your projects. Beside; why would you want to create a new one? The answer is because it is your design and no one else will have that font style and there is not much new.

You have to be saying to yourself; “I don’t know how to create a new typeface.” And it would be understandable, but you are a designer, so it would not be real difficult especially if you had help from a piece of free software you can use on-line.

Viola…here is the FREE software to help you on your way to wowing clients and customers:

And, we have another item to  make it easy for you when a client asks you questions about your new and specially designed for them typeface:

A typeface primer poster from Fontsmith. This poster has all the elements of font design that you will be an expert in no time after reviewing all the part of a font. These are the things designers hardly ever think about when deciding on a particular face.


This poster breaks down all the parts of a font to explain how they are used and their purpose.

Now go and design a new typeface and let everyone know.

Please let us know if you design an new typeface and we will post it here to let our viewers know your new status as Type Designer. Thanks.

The Creative Tablet Team

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