Are You Still Using Instagram Incorrectly?

What is Instagram?  It is an easy-to-use mobile application that lets you capture and edit photos or videos on your tablet computer or smart phone.  You can then share your creations on Instagram or other various social media websites.

So, why is it being used incorrectly? First of all it has over 400 million users monthly. That’s a lot of possible contacts for anyone in the freelance business and:

  • It’s a great medium to showcase your products.
  • It has a lot of filters and editing tools.
  • Users can easily like and share your pictures.
  • You can use popular hashtags to make it easier to find your picture or jump on a trending topic.
  • The shelf life of content on Instagram is longer.
  • Engagement often continues for days and weeks after the post.

Case in point: Simply Measured found that Instagram posts take more than 19 hours to hit 50% of their total comments and about 10% of comments continue to come in by next 19 days.

So instead of having to churn out an unreasonable amount of posts that become somewhat obsolete over the next few hours, with Instagram, your posts last longer and have more impact.

Here’s how:

Getting in touch and engaging with your customers on Instagram is easy. Here are the basics:

  • Mentioning: Similar to Twitter, affix the ‘@’ symbol in front of usernames to mention (and notify) them in your posts or comments.
  • Liking: To like a post, either click the heart-shaped icon under it, or double-click on the post itself.
  • Commenting: Click on the ‘Comment’ icon (next to the heart-shaped icon), and to see a string of comments and the ability to write your own.
  • Tagging: Like Facebook, you can tag people in your images or videos. Simply, click the ‘Tag People’ option before sharing the photo.
  • Direct Messaging: Instagram Direct enables users to communicate privately with other Instagram users. It can be accessed from the app’s home page by clicking the button in the top-right corner. The ‘+’ icon enables you to send images and videos by opening your camera, through which you can take photos and/or videos, upload and edit them, add filters, write a caption, choose users, and send it across.

Here is the rest of the article: Instagram Growth

Please let us know if you have any questions or if this approach worked for you. Thanks.

The Creative Tablet Staff

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