Animators…Have What it Takes to Win a Spot?

Animators…Have What it Takes to Win a Spot?

I am not an animator, but feel animators are coming to this site and if not readers will let them know. It’s the nice thing to do…right? Trip Tank is at it again. Another cartoon submission contest to have you animation on their show.


Here are some of the specs:


  • Quicktime file

  • 1920×1080 HD resolution

  • Apple Pro Res (HQ), Animation Codec, or Uncompressed format

  • 16×19 aspect ratio

  • 24 or 23.98 frames per second

  • HDTV (Rec 709) Color Space Setting

  • 16 bit color

  • 1 extra second of animation at the beginning and end to allow for our transitions

  • All text must be within title safe boundaries.

  • Must be able to deliver a separate render without any text. 


  • Audio SPLITS are preferred (splits are each individual audio clip as a separate entity) in an AAF or OMF file

      If splits are not available, we require stems (individual audio tracks for voices, sfx, and music)

  • Audio should be clear and not distorted.

  • Music should be original/licensed/royalty free. 


  • 1920×1080 Resolution

  • Backgrounds that are punched-in should be drawn at 4K to meet our network quality standards

You can get more details at: Trip Tank  and get moving they don’t (or I couldn’t find) a time limit for submissions. Let me know if you are going to submit. Thanks

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