Alert: Government Control of Photoshopping?

Alert: Government Control of Photoshopping?

It seems the Photoshop (retouching) issue is not going away anytime soon. Now the government is working on a new bill (H.R. 4341) that demands a plan be set forth to regulate excessive Photoshop use in advertisements.

Why? Because according to the bill… “The dissemination of unrealistic body standards has been linked to eating disorders … [and] has a particularly destructive health effect on children and teenagers.” And what would be considered “excessive”? Will you have to be regulated as a “Photoshop Retoucher for Bodies”?

Really? this has been going on for years and before PS. Look at some of the models in the past. Twiggy for example who was created by the manufacturers to sell more clothing. We agree models do have an affect on children and teenagers.

But regulating it seems unnecessary and the government should really focus on advertising that is deceitful and misleading and make a real law that is enforced. We feel that ad agencies should hire competent PS artists who can do a real good job instead of the crap that is out there.

And we feel a law for Photoshopping (not mentioned in the law, but certainly implied) is just a waste of our (taxpayers) money and time.

Let us know what you think.

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