Creative Tablet Space Shuttle

A New Image in Photoshop

A New Image in Photoshop

This is an image I created in Photoshop using layers and blend modes as well as other tools to make the composite. I had the image in a file and figured I wanted to do something more exciting to it since it was just being displayed.

Creative Tablet Shuttles Escape

I used several images to get this composite above:

Creative Tablet Space Shuttle
This is the original space shuttle in a special hanger on KSC (Kennedy Space Center, Florida) that was open only to invited personnel. I was lucky to get this image from a friend of mine who lives nearby. The loading arm and cover are on the right side.

As you can see the nose of the shuttle is not in the picture.

Creative Tablet Outer Space Image
This is the image used in the background with some minor alterations. Most of the work was done on the shuttle and star bursts.

Creative Tablet Old Air Force LogoThis is the old Air Force logo that is/was used on planes back in the old days. I added it to the picture an altered it with distort and perspective tools. I also used the eraser tool and brush tool for the streaks to indicate speed and asteroid damage.

I had to remove the loading arm and cover (eraser tool) and add a nose (brush tool) and did the work on my Wacom tablet. The tablet is a great tool and as I have mentioned in past posts, it makes the workload much easier and more steady then with a mouse.

The rear of the shuttle was created using a Iris blur with a large star burst behind.

The second shuttle was a copy of the first after all the additions were made and then reduced to size and altered with transform – perspective.

All the star bursts are brush tools that I have in my brush palette. They come in very handy if you like making space composites.

Creative Tablet Shuttles Escape

Please let me know what you think or if you have any comments.

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