7 Ideas to Be More Creative


7 Ideas to Be More Creative

As a freelancer I am aware of the things I need to do to be productive. Here are a few I follow to keep me more productive:

1. Your Workspace. Keep it neat and clean. Nothing can be more frustrating then trying to find the paperwork for a project then a cluttered work area. That also included the files on your computer and emails. Keep everything organized and it will make a big difference in your productivity.

2. Plan Ahead. You have probably heard this before, but it’s true. If you make plans for the following week on Friday you will be ahead or if you wait until Monday you will be scrambling around trying to figure out what to do next.

3. Review Your workload. Go over everything that you have done or started and be sure it is all in order. That way you can get ahead and make a list of what you need to accomplish and what is completed. Organization again. It is the best way to keep your business moving forward.

4. Get Out of The office. This is the best way to avoid work overload. Sure you want to work until the project is completed, but it can also make you feel worn out. So, take time away from your office and go for a walk or to the store.

5. Keep a List. Write a list at the end of each day to show what you have to accomplish the next day. I have a habit of forgetting at times and go into my office and look at the papers and not be sure what I have to do. So I make a list and it makes work much easier.

6. Coffee Breaks. This is a way to make the day a little more pleasant. whether you have a coffee machine or go out doesn’t matter. It breaks up the day and gives you some time to reflect on the work you just completed.

7. Books and Magazines. If you are in a funk or can’t get your creative juices flowing try looking through some books and magazines. They can be any kind not just graphics. Sometimes you see something that sparks an idea. You never know.

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