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7 Great Creative Photoshop Plugins

7 Great Creative Photoshop Plugins

These plugins will help with the design end of Photoshop and make a lot of chores much easier. We have tried them and had an issue with the NKS55 loading it through the Adobe Extension Manager CS6. After giving error messages we found it loaded and not a problem, so if you do get an error message allow it to load. Also check to be sure these work with your version of Photoshop.

1.Guide Guide


Managing guides in Photoshop is difficult, specially when dealing with lots of them. GuideGuide makes it easy to have columns, rows, midpoints and baselines based on your document or selection. The plugin works with Photoshop CS5, CS6 and CC and is simple to install.

2. Columns

Uber Columns

A free Photoshop plugin that converts your text into set columns. Ideal for both mocking up a website or working with real life copy. Set your columns size and number, edit copy and styles like you would before while preserving columns. Works with advanced built-in PS features. How-to video

3. Layrs

Layrs Plugin

A free Photoshop extension featuring a collection of 7 scripts that make working with layers easier.

4. Font Detector


Detect or Identify Fonts from Flattened Image in Photoshop. Photoshop Font Detector is a free Photoshop plugin which helps designers detect fonts from any flattened image via WhatTheFont. All you need to do is create a selection area on the image, and our software will do the rest. You will be redirect to WhatTheFont website to view results.

5. Fine Threshold


Unlike the traditional threshold command of Photoshop, the plugin Fine Threshold allows to get quickly, anti-aliased and sharp shapes.
Example 1: This plugin works particularly well with scanned logos. This proves to be useful, if you wish to reproduce a logo for a website.


6. NKS 55

NKS 55

NKS5 is a custom toolkit for Adobe Photoshop CS5+ that provides a basic set of drawing, painting, texturing and production tools in an attractive, easy to use palette. – See more at:

7. Mr Stacks Storyboarding

Mr. Stacks is a Photoshop script that rapidly generates storyboards, stacks, and PDF(s) for CD check-ins, client presentations, and whatever else it is you do. Helping to nail some of the most monotonous tasks in art direction. Watch the video to learn more. NOTE: This is in Beta at this time

Please let us know what you think of these and if you have plugins you prefer.

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