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50 Reasons You May Want to Reconsider Freelancing

Freelancing is a tough gig. It requires tons of work finding clients and convincing them to work with you. Then you need to keep those clients in light of the many other freelancers that want them. now you have to do the work that might require working late nights and even into the weekends. And that means very little social life.

Of course, it doesn’t end there. You need to be an accountant, public relations manager, client manager, customer service rep, human resources manager, secretary, purchasing agent, designer, editor and I am sure I missed other things.

In other words an all around business person who can draw and design. You have to wonder when does the design and drawing come into play.

It seems that most of the time is used for things other then designing unless you are already established and have all the things I mentioned already set-up. In that case it is much easier.

for those considering the field I have compiled a list of items for you to consider before taking the real plunge. This is not to discourage you, but to show you what is really involved in getting a freelancing business started and continuing.

Read through the list and see what you think and let me know what I missed and what you think.


Freelancing Career Decision Questions

This list is not scientifically produced, but a way to see if freelancing is a career you should start. If you are already freelancing it may help to uncover any issues you may not be aware of with your business and finances.
1. Do you want to earn more than being an employee working at an agency or studio?
2. Do you enjoy working at home?
3. Are you looking for creative freedom?
4. Looking to only work part time?
5. Do you want to build your business into a design firm to employ other freelancers?
6. Can you manager yourself to focus on the work?
7. Do you enjoy working late until you get the right design?
8. Do you prefer to email clients instead of speaking to them directly?
9. Are you hesitant about explaining your pricing or hourly rate?
10. If a client complains or critiques your work can you stay calm?
11. Do you enjoy discussing money?
12. I have good communication skills?
13. Are you able to hire other freelancers to handle a big workload?
14. If someone interrupts you during your designing does it annoy you?
15. Would you have a problem asking a client about an overdue invoice?
16. Do you spend a lot of time on the phone talking with clients?
17. If a client argues can you keep yourself calm and calm them down?
18. Are you good with accounting software?
19. Would you use formal contracts for your work?
20. Would you use creative briefs?
21. Could you stand up in front of a bunch of people to explain your design strategies?
22. Are you able to talk to potential customers?
23. Do you have enough savings if you don’t find work for several months?
24. Are you currently in debt that you need the work instantly to pay the bills?
25. Do you know – without looking – what your monthly expenses are?
26. Do you understand the terms in freelance design contracts?
27. When communicating are you a good writer that could be understood?
28. Are you able to end a client conversation that does not apply to the work without offending them?
29. Do you like changing focus from one project/task to another during the day?
30. Do you have a portfolio that you are proud to display on-line or in an actual portfolio to show potential clients?
31. Does maintaining a positive cash flow keep you up at nights?
32. Are you able to ask clients about their budget?
33. Can you tell clients what you can and can’t deliver for the project?
34. Do you enjoy creating marketing plans?
35. Do you understand the term – work for hire and its copyright consequences?
36. Do you have a monthly budget on paper to review?
37. Are you the primary bread winner in your home?
38. Do you have enough saving to cover slow or no paying clients?
39. Do you enjoy taking time to do things other than design?
40. Are you able (or do you desire) to go from part-time freelancing to full-time?
41. Do you or would you respond to client’s emails or phone calls quickly?
42. Could you easily be distracted form your work schedule by surfing the web or unnecessary texting?
43. Do you enjoy having a flexible work schedule?
44. Can you work alone?
45. Do you enjoy having deadlines for your work?
46. If offered a full-time paying job would you take it or keep freelancing?
47. Are you capable at creating a design website for your work?
48. Would you be able to review your profit and loss from your accounting program?
49. Are you good at creating great designs?
50. Are you familiar with creative design programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and In-Design?

Read through the list and see what you think and let me know what I missed and what you think.

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