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5 Ways to Be An Impressive Intern and Land a Permanent Job

Being an intern can be the way to a great job if you do the right things. Just because you have the internship doesn’t mean you will be able to get a position in the company after the internship is over unless you have done the right things to get you there.

Like any job you need to focus on your work and how you handle yourself during the work day. Of course staying out of trouble after work also helps.

Being an intern can be in almost any field including graphic design and advertising, so those are the fields we are focusing on for this post.

So here are the 6 tips to help you move your career forward:

  1. Punctuality. This is so critical that if you are not a punctual person you may want to look for a different type of job. Meetings are the number one place to be on time for or even be there shortly before it starts. this also shows management that you are eager to help and grow.
  2. Questions. Believe it or not there are no dumb questions. that right…no dumb questions. And if someone tells you that they are lying or what your job. Asking questions in a meeting – about the meeting – shows you want to stay abreast of everything that is going on in the company.
  3. Resourcing. In any profession the one who comes up with he resources is the one who usually gets promoted. Try being resourceful and coming up with your own research to verify work or to be helpful with projects. It only takes a little time and shows you are a go-getter. Another area of resources is the personal type. Make contacts with as many people as you can in the company and always be on your best behavior. These contact could help you land the job, but be real and not just a brown-noser. If you don’t know what that means look it up on-line.
  4. Work Harder. This are can’t be expressed more. It simply means that when possible you should take on more projects if you have the time. Again it is the person who moves the creative business forward that gets the proverbial worm. Wait a minute that is fishing? Anyway you get the idea.
  5. Work Best. As with any job doing your best is always the way to move up in any organization. So, if you are looking to stay with the company you are interning at you will want to put your best work forward.

If you are currently an intern we would like to hear from you or if you have any other ideas not posted please let us know.

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