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5 Steps to Advertising Success

5 Steps to Advertising Success

It takes a lot to get the advertising message through to potential customers. But there are 5 essential things that you will need to be in firm control of before proceeding. They are:

1. Become media savvy in your field.  You need to know what medium can successfully deliver your or your clients message.

2. Get more creative. Today you need to make the clients (or your) business stand out form the loads of ads out there. Become more inventive and innovative. Let your ideas become something that is very different then what is current.

3. Drive and commitment. Once you start a project get totally immersed in it to get the best results. Trying just to get it done quickly will only lead to poor results and the possibility of loosing a client. You need to be dedicated to your work and your client (or even yourself if you are doing self-promotion).

4. Maintain focus. You client expects great results, so you must focus solely on the project you are working on at the time. Don’t get caught in the time traps of answering emails or meeting at the water cooler (do they still have those?). In other words. Concentrate on that project.

5. Go the extra mile. You may be thinking. “I need to get this done quickly.” And that may be so, but always giver your client that extra push to give them a better design or advertising plan.

If you have other ideas please post them or let me know. Happy clients equals more work.

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