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5 Reasons to Use Graphic Design in Your Business

We are graphic designers, but tend to forget to use them in our own business, because we get so caught up in finding more clients. Business owners need to take the time and find the right graphics for their promotional materials. Graphic design can help your business prosper, but only if used the right way. Here are some ideas to get you on the right track:

1. Professional Appearance. The right graphics can present your business as a professional entity and shows people your business is real and looking to grow. sure you can throw together some promotional items on your home or office copier, but what do you have? A lousey looking presentation. Spend a few dollars and have it done th eright way…by a professional. Stick to what you know…selling your business, but also have a professional presentation to promote it unless you like fighting with your competition.

2. Brand Recognition. Your brand is what people and potential customers see when they view your printed or on-line materials. If your brand is not solid you will not be remembered. You key is to make a memorable brand for your company or product. Think about it. You remember most of the products you purchase by their logos and most of them you will remember the company name just by the logo itself.

Colors also play a big part in logo recognition. Look around at the popular ones and you will understand the conncetion.

3. Cost Effectiveness. We all have budgets, but being cheap is not necessarily the right way to spend your money. A professionally, but cost-effective logo or collateral designs will project a business that cares about their customers and business. Be smart with your budget and know what you want to accomplish before spending a dime.

4. Clean Graphics. A website or collateral materials that are designed with lots of graphics to fill-up space are going to make the items look cheap and badly designed. Be smart when planning your projects and use a lot of white space and dont clutter the work with lots of images and many different type styles. Keep it simple (yes the K.I.S.S.) and clean.

Avoid ready-made designs that everyone uses. Why? thant’s easy what happens when someone sees yours and the exact same one somehwere else? It will just prove that you are not being creative enough to promote your business.

5. Stand Out. You need your graphics to stand out in the crowd of media that is everywhere. Thats why having all your materials working together is important. You need to have your stationary, website, newsletters and other publications or items work together. The way to do this is to have a set color scheme and logo and use them on everything you put out to the world.

I will repeat this from the last point. Don’t use ready-made graphics. You can get them created inexpensively enough.

Do you have great graphics in your promotional materials? Please let us know in the comments below. Thanks.

The Creative Tablet Staff

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