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4 Tips to Make Photoshop Run Smoother

4 Tips to Make Photoshop Run Smoother.

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Here are a few tips to help make your Photoshop run smoother on your computer:

1. Scratch Disks.  I have an external HD that I use for more space. You can change the scratch disk by going to: Preferences > Scratch Disks. You will see all available places that can be used. Just change or add new hardware with the Prioritize with arrows.

2. History and Cache. Preferences > History and Cache. You have levels from 1-8. the more levels you have the slower PS opens. But it will work faster on opened items.

3. Auto Save. Preferences > Auto Save. Using auto save reduces efficiency while waiting to save. Use the Save on the toolbar instead.

4. Memory. Preferences > Performance > Memory usage. If you are only working with PS then you can allocate at least 75%, but if you have other design programs try around 50%.

More to come.

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