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4 Important Ideas to Promote Your Business

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4 Important Ideas to Promote Your Business. Everyone in business today knows how important it is to promote your business with all the competition from the web.

Here are 4 ideas you can add to your arsenal to get ahead of others:

1. Unique Business Card. Create a business card that is so unique people will wan to pass it around. It can have a cut-out, unusual paper, embossing, metallic ink, de-bossed…well you get the idea. Be Creative!

2. Email Referral. Send an email to current client’s and friends and ask if they wouldn’t mind forwarding your email to others who might be interested in your skills. Make the email interesting so it is opened by all recipients. You will need creativity and writing ability. And if you can’t write find a writer and trade for services.

3. Special Vouchers. These can be given to current clients and they can get another one to pass along. The voucher can be for a percentage off or for something free…like a consultation.

4. Client Referral. Ask you current clients if they may know someone looking for someone of your skills. Don’t be afraid to ask…it can’t hurt, but could be profitable.

Let us know if you have any other ideas so we can pass them on to our readers and give you credit.

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