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9 Rules to Keep You Moving Forward

All the creatives we know have rules they use on a daily basis. This helps keep them motivated and sharp and their business moving forward.

Of course, it is not easy following rules, but once you get started you can apply them a little at a time or all at once. Don’t get caught up in having to make these rules set in stone. Use them as you need them and apply them to current projects if necessary.

See what you think:

  1. Habits. The first thing to do is to develop habits that will make you head in the right direction of getting your freelance business to grow.
  2. Your Health. This is the most important because without your health you are not going anywhere. Check your personal schedule and see how much energy you have at the end of the day. Everyone knows that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t always work but, it will when you put extra effort into it for the sake of your work and business. Sleep of course is the most important part, so be sure to get enough or at least 6-8 hours. Stop eating fast food and know that putting crap into your body brings out more crap (and not the bathroom kind). A healthy lifestyle equals great creativity.
  3. Stay Positive. This is important and should be done at all times. Staying positive will translate into great work and happy clients and clients love positive creators. It has been said that it is not easy to be positive with non-positive people around you. This is true, so you need to stay away from them (as much as possible) to keep your mind clear.
  4. Idea Book. Many times you are probably suiting around and come up with a creative idea. So, what do you do? Most likely nothing. Well…you guessed it…that’s a big mistake. What should you do? Carry around a small notebook that you can record all of your ideas, so you can refer to them at a later date or when needed. Don’t let you creative ideas vanish into space. Besides they are yours, so keep them. Our John has a notebook and it is filled with ideas and post it notes that he keeps at his desk and takes with him wherever he goes.
  5. Creative Tools. You are a designer so you know that our tools (software) are the most important part of our studio. These tools keep us going and our business thriving, but you need to keep updated and know them like you know your own hand. When working with software you need to be able to get it done quickly (and well done) to keep on your time-table. So hunting around the software when working on a new project can waste a lot of time. The best thing to do is to take the time to learn what you don’t know about the software you work with.
  6. Harder Tasks. These are the projects that should be worked on during the beginning of your work day. Why? Because; you will need all your faculties to get it done creatively and right. Then the rest of the day can be used for easier tasks that make the day a little more fun.
  7. Flexibility. This is an area that a lot of freelancers problems with and it can create a big problem with clients. It is very important that you listen to what the client says about the work but, also explain why you feel it can’t be done. Be sure to have stats to back up your claim because, clients always want substantial answers. Also being critiqued is not a bad thing and can go a long way to helping you sharpen your creativity.
  8. The World Outside. Freelancers have a tendency of being caught up in their own creative bubble but, the world outside your mind has a lot of information and creativity that can help you grow. The best thing to do is to look at work outside your area of expertise to see what others are doing. Listening to music while working can also help move the creative brain muscles. We listen to movie themes because they seem to inspire us when working. Check out the current designs trends, but keep in mind that trends come and go, so they would only be for inspiration.
  9. Detailing. No…we don’t mean cars. This is about making sure all the details of your work have been covered and that included contracts, emails, creatives, etc. Being detail oriented will bring you the best return on your freelancing investment. Make it a part of your daily routine…detailing.

Hopefully these rules will be helpful to you.

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you.

The Creative Tablet Staff



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