20 Great Tools For Your Business

Freelancing is a tough business, so anytime you can streamline it or make it run smoother is a great thing. Saving time and money is critical to your bottom line and the only way to stay in business and be successful.

Some of these tools will boost your creativity and others can help your business grow while some are just to make life easier and fun.

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Managing Time & Money

The most important aspect of running a successful, profitable business relies on effective money and time management. We’ve tried and tested the following tools for many years and can’t recommend them enough:

1. FreeAgent: One of the best online accounting software solutions out there, and lets you nail the daily admin, covering expenses, payroll, time-tracking, estimates, invoices – and even hooks up to your bank accounts to help you manage cash flow and project profitability. It’s not free, but it has a superb referral scheme that gives you a 10% discount every time someone signs up as a member. Refer enough people and you can get it for free.

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Please let us know if they helped you or how you used them in your business.

The Creative Tablet Staff

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