19 Awesome Space Gun Designs

19Awesome Space Gun Designs

I just completed an Infographic about the great toy space guns of the 30-50’s. As I did my research I found loads of very cool guns from the 60-80’s as well, but wanted to keep it with the oldest and some very rare ones. Can figure out which ones are the rarest (they are not marked)?


My research was time consuming, so if you are going to do an Infographic consider the time you will need. This one took about 3 complete days and that includes research, confirming the manufacturer, date, how it worked and Photoshopping of images with backgrounds. Most had to be worked on and some repaired with the “content aware” feature.

Gathering the information and images was a little crazy, because I would see a cool gun and it would be from the wrong time period. Anyway…overall it was fun.

All I can say is “Watch out spacemen! We are armed”

Let me know what you think and if you have suggestions for a different Infographic.

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