11 Attention Getting Resumes

Resumes are always getting the back seat when it comes to their design. Most times it is just a piece of paper that doesn’t need anything but, the paper it’s printed on or posted on-line.

But, today you need to be able to stand out from the thousands of resumes crossing the employer’s desk or desktop.

There are a lot of ways to get their attention and this article shows you how some creative people made their resumes stand out.

Now it is time for you to make your boring resume a piece of art, so that it really overshadows all the others that cross the employer’s desks or desktops.

If you are looking for a professional job or freelance work you need the resume to look professional and with a great attention-getting design. After all you are a designer…right?

Here are the resume images: 11 Resumes

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The Creative Tablet Staff

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