10 Top Industries for Freelancers

As business grows so does freelancing. As a matter of fact freelancing has become crowded. The Freelancers Union did a study and found that by 2020 approximately 40% of the American workforce will be freelancers, temporary and contractors.

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The following information from this comes from FlexJobs a market that connects employers and freelancers. They tracked 50 specific industries fro about 4 months and this is the results:

10 Top Industries for Freelancers

    1. Accounting and Finance
    2. Administrative
    3. Computer and IT
    4. Customer Service
    5. Education and Training
    6. Medical and Health
    7. Project Management
    8. Research Analyst
    9. Software Development
    10. Writing

Demand for freelancing is growing and the competition is fierce. Many businesses are looking to expand their temporary workforce with freelancers and temporary workers.

Upwork, is an online marketplace connecting freelancers with employers and has indicated that demand for content marketing skills is up 136% year over year. JavaScript framework, rose 150%, User Experience Design is up 141%, WooCommerce, a direct sales platform, increased 134%.

If you have sought after skills you will be able to form long-term relationships and business growth. Keeping in mind that this also requires someone who is professional in all ways and sees the client as a critical cog in their business. the cog breaks and the business fails.

Differentiate Your Niche Specialties

As freelancing gets more competitive, freelancers will differentiate themselves by becoming leaders of highly specific niche markets.

Think of it this way. You are not just a logo design, but you specialize in branding. i think you get the idea. Go beyond what you present yourself and start thinking about a newer you. Re-invent and re-design your own freelancing business. this will not only expand your business, but hopefully increase your bottom line.

You want to become specialized in some areas but also remain agile enough to be a generalist, to pick up those gigs that don’t require a specialty.

Staying Ahead Of The Curve by Learning

It is important for freelancers to keep informed about the ways in the freelancing is evolving in their industry.  Research the available jobs and find new skills that you can learn for future ones. Maybe you always wanted to learn website design. There are many on-line schools that have courses that can help you advance. I personally use Udemy, because it has a wide range of courses in many subjects and you can find discount course coupons on-line. Do a search for “Udemy coupons 2016” and no we are not connected or an affiliate.  It is very important to stay ahead of everyone else. The more you know…the better.

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