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  Here is where you will find all The Creative Tablet articles. There are over 300 of them since first being published. We will be getting rid of the filler posts, so you get only the best ones. If you would like to add some of your own articles please let us know at:

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I LOVE FREELANCING – Translated in 62 languages


Do you know how to say “I Love Freelancing” in Albanian, Bulgarian, Dutch or Finnish? Yeah…we didn’t either. It seems that almost everyone – everywhere is freelancing. At least the ones who like design and art. We were always wondering how other nations would say “I Love Freelancing”, so we translated those words into the 62 different languages listed below. …

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UPDATE – New Free Creativity Courses

TCT Test Your Creativity

We have started to post some of the new creativity courses that will be available to our members for free. We have posted the information of the ones that will be ready soon and would like to know if you are interested in them or would like to see something different. The purpose of these courses is to help freelancers/independents …

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Alert: New Header for The Creative Tablet

We have just added our new header. It is part of the changes we are making to The Creative Tablet for 2017. The changes are to benefit Freelancers and Independent workers in their quest to learn more and grow their businesses. We are also working diligently to get more information on the new pages and hope you will respond to …

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Here Are Some of The Changes Coming to TCT

TCT Block Setup

We are diligently working on the new site changes to The Creative Tablet in the background and wanted you to know what we are doing. A little sneek-peek into the work. There are many changes coming, but since we have been around for a while it’s easier to alter the existing site then to use a completely new template. We …

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ALERT: New Site Re-Design Coming

Creative Tablet Light Bulb

ALERT: To all our visitors. We are currently working on a complete new site re-design and will be posting the wire-frame shortly.  The new concept is to make it easier for visitors to quickly find what they need. Watch for the wire-frame postings in the next few weeks and let us know what you think. We will be directing the …

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29 Ways to Promote Your Freelance Work

CTC Desk

Everyone is trying to promote their freelancing business. Here are some ideas to help you get a jump on your competition: 1. Referrals This is something many freelancers don’t even think about asking for a referral from business associates. You can even give them something in return such as a small-fee or discounts on services if it leads to a …

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Brainstorming or Design Thinking? What is the Difference?

TCT Brainstorming Meeting

Nothing in our opinion, but some would argue otherwise. So, here is the plan for either one to show why they are the same. What is brainstorming or design thinking for? Products, services, design, concepts, interaction, UX. The Process. Let your team know you are having a creative meeting before inviting them. This includes the C-suite people. Yes; the ones …

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7 Big Time Freelancing Mistakes

No matter how long you have been freelancing; we all make mistakes even the seasoned professional. Some mistakes are simple and others are costly. You need to stay away from the costly pones as much as possible. After doing some research with staff and friends we have compiled a list of the most common (and maybe not so common) mistakes …

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5 Reasons to Use Graphic Design in Your Business

Creative Tablet BusinessCards

We are graphic designers, but tend to forget to use them in our own business, because we get so caught up in finding more clients. Business owners need to take the time and find the right graphics for their promotional materials. Graphic design can help your business prosper, but only if used the right way. Here are some ideas to …

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