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You can find individual podcasts related to each poster and others that are related to our website.

New To Podcasts?

It is really simple and we will guide you through the process: 
1. Decided on which podcast below that you want to hear.
2. The podcasts are listed below.
3. Click on the podcast you want to hear and a Soundcloud player will appear.
4. Press the play button (the red circle with the white arrow).
5. Listen to the podcast and when done you can just click on the pause button (the red circle with the equal sign).
6. Or you can re-play it by pressing the play button again.
7. Prefer to read the podcast? Just look for the transcript link 
8. Click on the transcript (you will have to sign-up but it is free) and a PDF file will open.
9. Now you can read it at your convenience.
10. There you have it. Listen or read the podcast. Your choice.
11. If you still have questions you can contact us and we will help guide you.
12. Contact us: and we will respond within 1-3 hours depending on your geographical location (we are U.S. eastern standard time)
13. Enjoy your visit and let others know about our site if you like what you see. Thank you.