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December, 2015

  • 10 December

    23 Christmas and Hanukkah Gifts for Designer’s and Writer’s

    TCT Christmas-ornament

    Christmas shopping is upon us and we are rushing to find gifts for friends and family. Well we found this article that should help designer’s and writer’s that are looking for gifts for fellow workers, clients and friends for the holidays.       By  Sharon McElwee  From Photoshop throw pillows to the newest tools of the trade, our 2015 gift guide …

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  • 8 December

    New Podcast – Chis Musselman

    TCT Freelance-Podcast

    I am getting ready to have an interview with one of our featured artist Chris Musselman. We chose his work because it is vector based and has a great look. The art is focused around architecture and has a great flat look; which by the way has become very popular in the last year. It seems that more sites are …

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  • 3 December

    New Christmas Header-Banner 2015


    We have just finished creating a new Christmas header (look above). It took a couple of hours, some images and Photoshop work, but it came out great. This is the time of year when everyone has an opinion on the correct words for the season. We feel the politically correct police might come and give us a ticket for not …

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November, 2015

  • 25 November

    50 Reasons You May Want to Reconsider Freelancing

    Creative Tablet Light Bulb

    Freelancing is a tough gig. It requires tons of work finding clients and convincing them to work with you. Then you need to keep those clients in light of the many other freelancers that want them. now you have to do the work that might require working late nights and even into the weekends. And that means very little social …

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  • 19 November

    Food Photography – The Pro’s Guide


    From foodies to top chefs, the culinary culture is a trend that’s here to stay. And, riding on its tails has been a massive opportunity for professional photographers. Unlike ever before, magazines, restaurants, bars, bloggers, artisanal producers, and recipe sites are craving top notch food imagery from skilled food photographers. In The Professional’s Guide to Food Photography, read in-depth interviews …

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  • 17 November

    Healthy Business Relationships for Freelancers

    Creative Tablet Light Bulb

    by Laura Spencer This tutorial turns the common myth of the lone freelancer on its head. It explores the types of business relationships freelancers need and why each is important. It explains how you can make your relationships stronger. I’ll also examine an area of relationship building freelancers often neglect: face-to-face networking. Business relationships are the core of my own …

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  • 12 November

    Freelance Consultant’s Guide to Interviews

    Creative Tablet Light Bulb

    by Celine Roque For freelancers and consultants, client interviews can be a major challenge, especially if you’re shy or prefer to communicate via email. While job interviews are equally challenging for employees, they typically go through these once every few years or whenever they’re switching jobs. For freelancers, interviews take place with every new client you bring in. This means …

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  • 6 November

    List of 30 Creative Designers Traits

    Creative Tablet Light Bulb

    We have developed a list of the Design Creatives Traits and compiled it over several days. We don’t all agree on each one, but agree that most apply to all designers. The list was compiled after realizing how many things we all have in common as designers. Here is the list: 1. The Creative Designer can let their imagination run …

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October, 2015

  • 28 October

    9 Artists For Creative Inspiration

    Creative Tablet Light Bulb

    We like looking through websites to find creative artists that can give us inspiration and we found 9 of them on Behance. Of course Behance has a lot more of them, but we can’t fit them all, so we chose these few. You will probably get some design inspiration from one or the other, but hopefully they will give you …

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  • 22 October

    6 Illustrations To Get You Thinking…Really Thinking


    I came across some illustrations that made me stop and think about what I was seeing. Each one has the same creative artistic technique, but all have a different message that makes you look twice and think about what you are seeing. Some of them I have to admit made me not want to think any further and pass them …

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  • 21 October

    Disney Studios 92 Anniversary Video

    Video Post

    Disney Studios 92 Anniversary Video. We all remember the Disney movies that probably got our art and design careers moving forward. The characters and animation was the basis of me getting into advertising and design. Walt Disney had a way of getting you to really believe and feel that the characters were real. Today I look back at the type …

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  • 14 October

    The Best Portfolio Design 101 PDF

    The Best Portfolio Design 101 PDF Your portfolio is your brand. It is how you are perceived to those who see it on-line or in person. It shows your abilities and the type of work you are capable of doing and if you can fulfill the needs of their projects. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned pro or …

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September, 2015

  • 29 September

    Setting Up An In-House Agency Podcast

    Business-Podcasts -Small

    Setting Up An In-House Agency Setting up an in-house agency can pay off big time if you have the work for your business rather then sending it out to a full-service agency. It may seem like a daunting experience if you have no idea on how to get it going. You need designers, writers, illustrators and photographer…oh, my! Actually it …

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  • 23 September

    7 Great Creative Photoshop Plugins

    Adobe Logo

    7 Great Creative Photoshop Plugins These plugins will help with the design end of Photoshop and make a lot of chores much easier. We have tried them and had an issue with the NKS55 loading it through the Adobe Extension Manager CS6. After giving error messages we found it loaded and not a problem, so if you do get an …

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  • 15 September

    New Ask John Podcast

    New Ask John Radio Podcast We have a new radio podcasting section titled Ask John. Here is where you can ask questions about advertising, marketing, freelancing, design, consultation and business. Are you starting a new freelancing business? Have an existing business and have questions? Now you can Ask John privately and he will send you an email response. The questions …

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