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September, 2016

  • 30 September

    Business Ideas Right Under Your Nose?

    TCT Newsjacked

    Everyone wants to start a business that is successful, but no one actually looks for the best one.  Business success can be hard, but getting the right vendors can be even harder. Sometimes it takes the right problem to find the right solution. Sounds crazy right? Read More Please let us know your thoughts in the comments box below. Thanks. …

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  • 28 September

    Special News – Behind the Scenes Animation


    How many times have you wondered about how some of the animation in TV commercials is achieved? Well…Gillette hired Chris Dooley (an award winning animator and filmmaker) to create a series of futuristic spots. The spot contains live action and animation in a futuristic environment and uses Adobe After Effects Premiere Pro, AI, PS and ID. We hope this give …

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  • 27 September

    Warning! Bad Typefaces Could Loose You Customers

    Creative tablet thinker

    How many times have you read about using typefaces for this or that? As far as I am concerned many. The size of the font will greatly affect viewing and if your customers are aging or wearing glasses you need to carefully think out the face and sizes. Ho do I know? I am one of those who has to …

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  • 24 September

    Special News – You Need This for Design Work


    Stencil also has an array of pre-made illustrations and symbols that have been artfully created for architecture, interior, industrial, and graphic design. That makes it easier to do multilayered sketches and images. If you like a real world facade or street sign, you can take a photo, set the contrast, and then transform it into a stencil that you can use …

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  • 22 September

    7 Warnings For Freelancers

    Creative tablet thinker

    No matter how long you have been freelancing; we all make mistakes even the seasoned professional. Some mistakes are simple and others are costly. You need to stay away from the costly ones as much as possible. After doing some research with staff and friends we have compiled a list of the most common (and maybe not so common) mistakes …

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  • 20 September

    How To Become a Happier and Successful Freelancer

    TCT Brainstorming Meeting

    Every freelancer worries about almost everything in their business. Did I say the right thing, did I do the right thing, is the design good enough and you could go on and on. Driving yourself crazy will definitely put you in a crappy state of mind. So; what can you do? Some days it may be hard to remember, but …

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  • 15 September

    Alert! Now is The Time For Freelancing

    TCT Freelancer 2

    Why? The demand is growing according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 53 million Americans earn income freelancing, which is about one in every three employees. Considering that freelance work basically didn’t even exist until around the late 1980s, that’s a massive amount of growth. Free Creative Live On-Line Courses for September Sure you are probably thinking that …

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  • 13 September

    5 Special Tips For Aging Freelancers


    For me freelancing has been going on since the beginning of time. Well…not quite. I have been doing advertising and design for over 25 years and was using press lettering and rubber cement for paste-ups. You are probably wondering what those are so I have a link to another article I did on the very subject. Anyway, back to the …

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  • 9 September

    Special News Alert Posts


    We will be posting special news information on odd days, but it will still post to social networks as usual. These articles will be news, special and unusual information and will have the same image you see with this post. You can sign-up to know when they are posted or just come back to see for yourself. There are no …

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  • 8 September

    Why You Need a Time Tracking software


    At the Creative Tablet Studio works comes in and we need to keep accurate track of time on the job. Each project would have one paper sheet and everyone would pass it along with the job to fill in their own time. Like the time sheets would get misplaced or someone would forget to fill them in. This was becoming …

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  • 6 September

    20 Great Tools For Your Business


    Freelancing is a tough business, so anytime you can streamline it or make it run smoother is a great thing. Saving time and money is critical to your bottom line and the only way to stay in business and be successful. Some of these tools will boost your creativity and others can help your business grow while some are just …

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  • 1 September

    Warning! Creative Block Can Be Avoided

    Card Back Design

    How many times have you worked on a project only to be stopped because you couldn’t think of what to design? Creative block is always the culprit. Being involved in advertising and marketing for over 20 years has shown me that creative block can be a time waster and project destroyer. Going through many bouts of it I have always …

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August, 2016

  • 30 August

    How Much Do You Know About Graphic Design Implements

    TCT Artist Table

    How much do you remember or know about the graphic design implements of the past…before computers? Guess you would have to be pretty old…like me. We created a quiz to see if you remember. Give it a try…no one is grading you and it is just for fun. Graphic Design Fun Test The Creative Tablet Staff  

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  • 25 August

    Don’t Design Web Sites Without These tools

    Top Secret Envelope

    Today web design is even more important then in the past because of the different devices being used. Most designer’s have a hand in web design if not just in the design phases. Designing web site can be very time consuming and difficult to get right. there are a lot of things that need to be correct for the site …

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  • 23 August

    Why You Need Divine Proportions in Web Design

    divine proportions thirds

    Effective web design has to be clear and intuitive, but can also have color and a nice design. so, how do you get a clear and intuitive design? For one, you can focus on usability or grids which make the design simple. But you need to make it easy for visitors to navigate the site without getting lost and confused …

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