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January, 2014

  • 10 January

    The Best of Creative Package Designs

    Fisherman Boots Package

    I have seen a lot of creative package designs and have done some myself, but this one tops many others. It is for a pair of rain boots and was created by Igor Mintin. He is a designer with 14 years experience in advertising and graphic design. When I first saw the package I knew it was a great design …

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  • 8 January

    NAPP & Kelby Training Are Now One!

    I have been a part of NAPP for a while and always wanted to use the Kelby Training site, but it was an extra cost. Now to my surprise and many other NAPP members we are! The new name of the organization is Kelby One. Both NAPP and Kelby Training provide the best quality how-to videos for Photoshop, Lightroom and …

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  • 7 January

    Extracting Flames the Easy Way in Photoshop

    Photoshop Flames

    Extracting Flames the Easy Way in Photoshop     Add your flame image to Photoshop Step 1: Choose Channel > Select the Red channel in the Channels Panel. Step 2: Click on Red channel and hold while clicking on the Control button. Step 3: You now have a selected object (flame with marching ants). Step 4: Click Control + J …

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  • 6 January

    100’s of Premium Photoshop Brushes for Free

    Free Photoshop Brushes

    Premium Photoshop Brushes for FREE! Who doesn’t love getting brushes for their Photoshop projects. I have lots of them and keep adding more when I find ones I like. You can never have too many brushes. Well…Brushlovers has decided to give away brushes that were formally paid for premium ones. That’s right…premium brushes for FREE and there are hundreds of …

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  • 4 January

    How-To Declutter Your Photoshop Workspace for 2014

    Happy New Year 2014! Time to clean up your Photoshop workspace. Working in Photoshop can can clutter your workspace especially if you have a lot of layers and tools for a project. Nick Marzinski has an easy way to set up your workspace by making some simple changes in the interface.  It is much easier to have the workspace set …

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December, 2013

  • 20 December

    Santa’s Newest Sleigh

    Santa's Christmas Sleigh

    Santa’s Newest Sleigh. This was done in PS on a Wacom tablet. Several backgrounds and the space shuttle from a previous design. Even Santa has to have a backup ride and since the raindeer are sick…  This is my last Christmas poster and have to get to regular art and design Merry Christmas to All! John The Creative Tablet

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  • 19 December

    The Illustrations of Roman Muradov

    Roman Muradov

    The illustrations of Roman Muradov has quite a collection of art that he has produced. If you are looking for inspiration you might want to check out his site: He has done work for the Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, New Yorker, New York Times and many more. His work is so popular he has a literary and …

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  • 17 December

    Santa Never Comes Here


    “Santa Never Comes Here”  My latest design tribute to the Christmas season. This poster was done in Photoshop CS6 on a Wacom tablet. My inspiration comes from hearing about children who don’t think Santa is coming and those children who know he won’t be. Please let me know what you think and have a Merry Christmas! John The Creative Tablet …

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  • 16 December

    Are You Creative Enough?

    Are you creative enough? If so; you should enter the Varay Systems Rebranding Contest. The contest ends Dec 31, 2013 at 12 midnight MST (mountain standard time). You can go to this link and read the Creative Brief to see if you would like to give it a shot. I have no direct involvement, but wanted to give everyone who …

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  • 15 December

    24′ Illustration of WWI in a Book

    Joe Saccos Great War Poster

    That’s right…24′ illustration.  Yes, it’s the first time for me to see this size in a panoramic.  Joe Sacco created a 24′ fold out panoramic illustration for the book “The Great War”. Being a Maltese-American journalist; he decided to let his artistic side come out and the results are amazing. This is the first time I have seen a book …

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  • 13 December

    Ashley Benson Slams Photoshop!

    Ads are constantly Photoshopped – so much so that Ashley Benson of Pretty Little Liars decided to post this on Instagram: “Saw this floating around….hope it’s not the poster. Our faces in this were from 4 years ago…..and we all look ridiculous. Way too much photo shop. We all have flaws. No one looks like this. It’s not attractive.” Her …

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  • 13 December

    Adobe Profits Slide

    Adobe Profits Slide according to the Wall Street Journal.  Profits slipped a whopping 71%! Well…this doesn’t surprise me. Since Adobe started it’s “you have to join the CC cloud to get new product updates” I decided to stay with my “older” CS6 PS and AI, and it seems that many others have decided the same thing. Personally I want my …

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  • 12 December

    The Colorful Work of Georgi Dimitrov

    Georgi Dimitri on The Creative Tablet

    Found colorful work of Georgi Dimitrov on Behance recently and really liked the colorful art. She is a Creative Director for Four Plus Studio in Bulgaria. For me I think it is the graffiti style of art in a gallery style piece. She also paints murals and I have included one in this post.  Check out the rest of her …

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  • 9 December

    Tomislav Tomic’s Fantastic Art

    Tomislav Tomic Artwork

    Tomislav Tomic has created some fantastic art illustrations that have been used in thenew Orange Fairy Book. He has said that he tried to picture the scenes in his head and then makes a rough sketch. The next step is a more precise illustration to figure out what would work best. Check out his work at:  It is also …

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  • 9 December

    Creative Tablet New Christmas Poster

    Creative Tablet Christmas Poster

    A Christmas and Holiday poster just finished in different versions using Photoshop. The composition was made from several photos converted into oil painting. Added the lights and type. It is posted for sale at deviantArt at: Let me know if you like the design. John The Creative Tablet  

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