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April, 2015

  • 9 April

    Creative Tablet’s Good Old Days of Design – Part 1

    Creative Tablet’s Good Old Days of Design – Part 1 Ahhh…the good old days of design. Have you ever wondered how advertising/design was created in the days past? If you are a certain age you already know, but if you are younger this may interest and even get you thinking differently about how you create advertising and graphic design work. …

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March, 2015

  • 27 March

    Did You Know? 5 Hidden Photoshop Tips

    Did You Know? 5 Hidden Photoshop Tips. That Photoshop has some hidden tips and tricks to make work easier. It seems that when I work in Photoshop I overlook different tools and don’t experiment with different options. I am guilty of just wanting to get the idea down before I start thinking of another one. Or I get so caught …

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  • 26 March

    Creative Tablets Dueling Commercials?

    Creative Tablet Dueling Commercials? I like watching commercials to learn what everyone is creating on the advertising end. There are times when I am surprised by great commercials and those that are less “creative” in my way of thinking. Recently I saw a commercial that was similar in a lot of ways to another I saw a while ago (almost …

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  • 20 March

    Creative Tablets Josh Rossi Interview

    Creative Tablets Josh Rossi Interview We saw Josh Rossi’s work and loved his techniques and composition. We were not sure how it achieves the fantasy images, so we figured “Let’s interview him”. The most interesting thing about Josh is his workplace… a bus. Not just any bus, but a custom one all decked out with equipment and gadgets. Here is …

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  • 19 March

    A New Image in Photoshop

    Creative Tablet Space Shuttle

    A New Image in Photoshop This is an image I created in Photoshop using layers and blend modes as well as other tools to make the composite. I had the image in a file and figured I wanted to do something more exciting to it since it was just being displayed. I used several images to get this composite above: …

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  • 12 March

    Digital Watercolor Painting in Corel & PS CC

    Digital Watercolor Painting in Corel & PS CC I am still learning how to use parts of Corel Painter, but am not using Adobe CC. I feel it is unnecessary, since I already have PS CS6 Extended. So, I watch videos and learn how I can apply the techniques to the programs I already have. Sure there are new advancements, …

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  • 6 March

    New to Photoshop?

    Creative Tablet Light Bulb

    New to Photoshop? If you are just learning Photoshop or have been using it for a while, you should download our new 100+ Photoshop Tips and Shortcuts. It’s FREE. That’s right…FREE. Why, because we want to help those who may be struggling to streamline their creations, so we came up with tips from our people and friends at NAPP (National …

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  • 6 March

    Wild Speed Art Composition

    Video Post

    Wild Speed Art Composition. Oscar Fernadez created this speed video composition. [video_player type=”embed” width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″][/video_player] This is a very interesting speed art video, because if you watch closely you will really be able to learn some tricks. I learned about using water drops under a figures feet and to make that reflection and shadows and cast from …

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  • 5 March

    Artist Orlando Arocena Interview

    Artist Orlando Arocena Interview While searching through many images on-line, to find unusual art and found someone doing vector illustrations. Nothing new with that type of work, but the artwork is terrific. Orlando Arocena is the artist and he agreed to do an interview with me and here it is: TCT: What design program do you prefer working with and …

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February, 2015

  • 27 February

    Client Presentation Tips

    Creative Tablet Light Bulb

    Client Presentation Tips. Continuing the Creative Theme Month with this article about Presentations and what to do and not do. Presentations can make or break a proposal or help you loose a possible client. The following tips should help you get set and make a presentation that get your prospects attention. 1. Using Images and/or Diagrams. This is a way …

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  • 26 February

    Don Seegmiller Interview

    Don Seegmiller Corel Painter Interview. Don Seegmiller is an accomplished artist and Corel Painter pro and been given his own issue.  How many artists do you know that have their own how-to book? Thank you to Don for taking the time away from his busy schedule to do this short interview. 1. How did you learn Corel Painter? I learned …

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  • 20 February

    Photoshop 3D Creation Projects

    Photoshop 3D Creation Projects. Do you want to improve your 3D Photoshop art? I know I am always trying to make it better and easier. Below are several examples with their links so you can see the whole process. Personally I like the shade with light text because it gives depth and texture to simple type. Of course the gold …

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  • 19 February

    A Transformers Type Composition

    A Transformers Type Composition. This is one of those time lapse videos and there is only music. The artist is Dawid Wysocki. It can be hard to keep up with, but I found it to have inspirational value. I already got some ideas watching it before posting.  As in the video use lots of layers in your composition so you …

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January, 2015

  • 30 January

    Photoshop & Illustrator Calligraphy

    Photoshop & Illustrator Calligraphy We found this and wanted to post it because it has a lot of great information on making your own calligraphic type designs. 1. Sketch out your idea for the letters and scan it into PS. Or draw it directly if you have a tablet. 2. Open your sketch in Adobe Illustrator and choose the Paint …

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  • 29 January

    Antonio Javier Caparo Interview


    Antonio Javier Caparo Interview We saw the his art and felt we needed to know more about the artist and his work. His illustrations are amazing and very creative and he has done work for some prestigious publishing houses such as Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins and others. Surprisingly, his studio is simple and uncluttered. Just the opposite of most …

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