Photoshop & Illustrator

Trimming a Transparency in Photoshop

photoshop transparent background

I just had an image cut out with the Quick Selection Tool on placed a transparent background and wanted to get rid of the gray pixels to trim it down. There is an easier way to get rid of them besides the Eraser Tool that would take a lot of time and some fancy erasing near the subject. How? Choose …

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Photoshop – Removing Power Lines From Images

remove power lines in photoshop

      Phone and power lines can cause anyone to become frustrated. The Content-Aware Spot Healing will make this easier. Here’s how: 1. Using the Pen tool (P), add a path to the line; 2. Choose the Spot Healing Brush (J) with Content-Aware selected in the Options Bar 3. Change your brush size to twice the width of the …

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Wacom Tablet for PS & AI

Wacom Intuos Tablet

I went to Photoshop World in Orlando and was curious about the Wacom product line. The Cintique is amazing with its touch screen, but too expensive for me. I watched the demonstration for the Intuos and liked what I saw. It is …as it says…intuitive. The demonstrators suggested getting the largest one, but I found that the medium size works …

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