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Update – Corel Practice Work

Clown Face in Corel Painter

Update – Corel Practice Work… Well…I have been working with Corel Painter 12 and originally was working on an auto (I will get back to that soon), but came up with a different drawing. A clown. But not your normal clown. You can decide what type it is, but I wanted to post my initial progress.  So…here it is: I …

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Update for OnOne Masking Software

Update for OnOne Masking Software I have been using the OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 8 for masking and resizing even though it does much more. Actually still learning about the whole interface and tools. Tried using Perfect Mask for several images and was not very happy about the results…until I found this video on You Tube. Jon-Paul shows a completely …

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Image Crazies Bashing Photoshop

Image Crazies Bashing Photoshop Seems like lots of people have nothing better to do then to search everywhere for Photoshopped images, but not just Photoshopped – only bad Photoshop. Not sure why the craze, but I hope it is only temporary and everyone involved gets on with their lives. I am sure some of it is for search numbers for their sites. …

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How-To Be Non-Destructive in Photoshop

How-To Be Non-Destructive in Photoshop Dave Cross has been working with Photoshop for over 25 years, so when he talks I listen. This video will help you to work non-destructively in Photoshop with masks, smart object and smart filters. Hope this helps with any issues you may have with masks, filters and smart objects. Please let me know if you …

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How-To Make Signature Brushes in Photoshop

How-To Make Signature Brushes in Photoshop Making a signature to place on your artwork or use as a watermark brush in Photoshop is very easy. There are 3 ways to do this: 1. Write your name on a piece of paper and scan in into the computer. 2. Use a script font to simulate your signature. Now you take the …

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Organizing Layers in Photoshop

Organizing Layers in Photoshop The one thing I learned early on was to be sure to keep my layers organized. Why, because as you add more layers it can become a problem to locate the ones you want to work on. I was working on a composite project and have many layers (35) – for me that was a lot. …

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Digital Painting Tips with a Wacom Tablet

Digital Painting Tips with a Wacom Tablet This video was created by Wacom/Digital Tutors to help artists hone their skills when using the Wacom tablet and Photoshop. I have a Wacom (and love it) and I have learned a few new things for the tablet. If you don’t have a Wacom you may want to consider getting one. It makes drawing …

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How-To Resize Images Without Photoshop + Video

How-To Resize Images Without Photoshop + Video If you are looking for a way to resize multiple images I would recommend Perfect Photo Suite 8 by OnOne.  And no …we are not affiliated with the software company. I just like the software and its capabilities. I first saw in in an NAPP (I am a member) Photoshop show and saw …

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Corel Painter 12 & Learning

Creative Tablet Light Bulb

I am getting more into Corel Painter 12, but need to learn a lot more. I guess you might think it is easy to paint a picture, but for me it would be much easier to use real tools. But I keep hacking away to learn and do as much as I can. Here is the latest thing I learned: …

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Corel Painter 12 Learning Process

GTO Pencil Sketch

Corel Painter 12 Learning Process. Well… I am finally sitting down and learning Corel Painter 12 (and Poser). I purchased the program some time ago, but Photoshop has taken up most of my time. It is not too bad to get a handle on and I have been watching videos from Corel. This is an attempt of a very rough …

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