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What’s Your Vector Victor?


I guess some readers will know that title from the Airplane Movie series, but that is not what this post is about…sorry. This is about a program called Vectr that will make your freelancing business much easier and faster. One of many program available this one seems much easier and FREE to use. What can it do? Send anyone a …

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Get The Nik Collection FREE Today

Nik Collection Logo

Create stunning images faster with the FREE Nik Collction of photographic plugins for Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture. Google is offering it free to everyone. Add the power of the Nik Collection by Google to your workflow today. It includes: Analog Efex Pro – Explore the look and feel of classic cameras, films, and lenses. Color Efex Pro – A comprehensive …

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New Christmas Header-Banner 2015


We have just finished creating a new Christmas header (look above). It took a couple of hours, some images and Photoshop work, but it came out great. This is the time of year when everyone has an opinion on the correct words for the season. We feel the politically correct police might come and give us a ticket for not …

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7 Great Creative Photoshop Plugins

Adobe Logo

7 Great Creative Photoshop Plugins These plugins will help with the design end of Photoshop and make a lot of chores much easier. We have tried them and had an issue with the NKS55 loading it through the Adobe Extension Manager CS6. After giving error messages we found it loaded and not a problem, so if you do get an …

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Hue & Saturation Boosting in Photoshop

Hue & Saturation Boosting in Photoshop I have an image I purchased from Dollar Photo Club that I wanted to try to see what happens when you try to boost a specific color in Photoshop. This is not the same as using the hue and saturation to alter the whole image. Here we are focusing on specific colors. You can …

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Don’t Use Photoshop Without Doing This First

Don’t Use Photoshop Without Doing This First How many times have you been working on an experimental project in Photoshop only to have it come out great? One problem. You don’t know how you got to that point. I have done it many times and went a little crazy trying to figure out how I did the effect or blend. …

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19 Awesome Space Gun Designs

19Awesome Space Gun Designs I just completed an Infographic about the great toy space guns of the 30-50’s. As I did my research I found loads of very cool guns from the 60-80’s as well, but wanted to keep it with the oldest and some very rare ones. Can figure out which ones are the rarest (they are not marked)? …

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Create Cast Shadows in Photoshop

Create Cast Shadows in Photoshop Shadows are really simple in Photoshop until you get to having to ‘cast’ a shadow. A cast shadow happens when the light source is at an angle from the subject. In Photoshop shadows are easy to do (by using the FX panel) and are usually from above the item, but cast shadows have to be …

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Perfect Effects 9 for Photoshop – FREE – The Creative Tablet

Perfect Effects 9 for Photoshop – FREE – The Creative Tablet Download Here for FREE Free photo effects for Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements, or Aperture.  This is designed specifically for photographers (but creatives can take full advantage of its powerful abilities) and you’ll find intuitive and powerful tools that make it easy to add effects that can be difficult or time-consuming …

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A New Image in Photoshop

Creative Tablet Space Shuttle

A New Image in Photoshop This is an image I created in Photoshop using layers and blend modes as well as other tools to make the composite. I had the image in a file and figured I wanted to do something more exciting to it since it was just being displayed. I used several images to get this composite above: …

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