Happy Thanksgiving 2016

TCT Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all. We hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy your friends, family and football. Thanks for being loyal viewers and we will continue to provide helpful articles to give your business success the edge over your competition. The Creative Tablet Staff

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Don’t Scare Your Clients

TCT Halloween

Happy Halloween. It is the time for goblins and scary monsters but, not the time to scare your clients. You need to be ready for all types of changes, conflicts and debates with them, so stay up-to-date by visiting our Posts Library to find the articles you need to help keep you moving forward in your business. All the articles …

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Why You Need a Time Tracking software


At the Creative Tablet Studio works comes in and we need to keep accurate track of time on the job. Each project would have one paper sheet and everyone would pass it along with the job to fill in their own time. Like the time sheets would get misplaced or someone would forget to fill them in. This was becoming …

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How Much Do You Know About Graphic Design Implements

TCT Artist Table

How much do you remember or know about the graphic design implements of the past…before computers? Guess you would have to be pretty old…like me. We created a quiz to see if you remember. Give it a try…no one is grading you and it is just for fun. Graphic Design Fun Test The Creative Tablet Staff  

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Creative Tablet Site Changes

TCT Newspaper

We have decided to make some changes to our website due to viewer requests: The first is that we have condensed the menu and brought posts together in the best category. Next we have added a timeline to the posts to see which are new…sort of like Facebook. We have added a widget to the sidebar which should help you …

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Are You Still Using Instagram Incorrectly?


What is Instagram?  It is an easy-to-use mobile application that lets you capture and edit photos or videos on your tablet computer or smart phone.  You can then share your creations on Instagram or other various social media websites. So, why is it being used incorrectly? First of all it has over 400 million users monthly. That’s a lot of …

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Are You Still Using Ready Made Typefaces?

Creative Tablet Typefaces

Using typefaces on any project can take a lot of decisions and figuring out whether existing ones will work or designing a new one might be better. There are tons of typefaces out there, but like TV not many that are really useful in the long-run. We have gone through hundreds of faces to find the perfect ones and always …

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WOW – Finally An All New Google Fonts

Google Fonts

I guess you may have heard by now…or not, but Google Fonts has been completely re-vamped. I thought it was just going to be a simple change, but this is really helpful when choosing fonts. Normally I would pick one and test it in Photoshop, but now I can do a lot of testing right in the Google site. Here’s …

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Warning…How Do You Really Think as a Designer?


A while ago we did a medical study of a designer’s brain (our John’s in particular) and found some amazing parts. What we thought was steam coming out of his ears after some brainstorming sessions was just that…steam! We decided to take the parts and break them down with the help of a world renown neurosurgeon (she wanted to keep …

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Wow – Our New Library of Posts


We have just set-up a page in our menu titled “Posts Library” that has all our posts to date in alphabetical order. So, now you don’t have to search for an article. Just go to the list and find what you need. Hope this makes our site easier to use. The Creative Tablet

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