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24′ Illustration of WWI in a Book

Joe Saccos Great War Poster

That’s right…24′ illustration.  Yes, it’s the first time for me to see this size in a panoramic.  Joe Sacco created a 24′ fold out panoramic illustration for the book “The Great War”. Being a Maltese-American journalist; he decided to let his artistic side come out and the results are amazing. This is the first time I have seen a book …

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The Colorful Work of Georgi Dimitrov

Georgi Dimitri on The Creative Tablet

Found colorful work of Georgi Dimitrov on Behance recently and really liked the colorful art. She is a Creative Director for Four Plus Studio in Bulgaria. For me I think it is the graffiti style of art in a gallery style piece. She also paints murals and I have included one in this post.  Check out the rest of her …

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Tomislav Tomic’s Fantastic Art

Tomislav Tomic Artwork

Tomislav Tomic has created some fantastic art illustrations that have been used in thenew Orange Fairy Book. He has said that he tried to picture the scenes in his head and then makes a rough sketch. The next step is a more precise illustration to figure out what would work best. Check out his work at:  It is also …

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Extreme Photographs Not Done in Photoshop

JeeYoung Lee Photographs

The following extreme photographs were not done in Photoshop! Photographer JeeYoung Lee has an extraordinary vision for her photographs. I looked at them and thought this was done in Photoshop. But no. She takes months to make the stage for the image and they looks great. This is done in a tiny studio (3 x 6m)and a lot of imagination …

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