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A New Image in Photoshop

Creative Tablet Space Shuttle

A New Image in Photoshop This is an image I created in Photoshop using layers and blend modes as well as other tools to make the composite. I had the image in a file and figured I wanted to do something more exciting to it since it was just being displayed. I used several images to get this composite above: …

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Artist Orlando Arocena Interview

Artist Orlando Arocena Interview While searching through many images on-line, to find unusual art and found someone doing vector illustrations. Nothing new with that type of work, but the artwork is terrific. Orlando Arocena is the artist and he agreed to do an interview with me and here it is: TCT: What design program do you prefer working with and …

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Don Seegmiller Interview

Don Seegmiller Corel Painter Interview. Don Seegmiller is an accomplished artist and Corel Painter pro and been given his own issue.  How many artists do you know that have their own how-to book? Thank you to Don for taking the time away from his busy schedule to do this short interview. 1. How did you learn Corel Painter? I learned …

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Antonio Javier Caparo Interview


Antonio Javier Caparo Interview We saw the his art and felt we needed to know more about the artist and his work. His illustrations are amazing and very creative and he has done work for some prestigious publishing houses such as Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins and others. Surprisingly, his studio is simple and uncluttered. Just the opposite of most …

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2D Animation – Behind the Scenes

2D Animation – Behind the Scenes The one thing I love is seeing how videos are created and to learn how things are done. The following videos show the process of “Feast”, but the best one is showing the animation drawings for the flip book action. Disney was doing that for their movies many years ago, but it is still …

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13 Ways to Promote Yourself

Computer Arts magazine has articles on art, design, branding, promotion and more and this one is has over 13 ideas on how to promote yourself. This should get a newbies started and professional may get some new ideas on self-promotion. Please let us know how you promote your work. Thanks. The Creative Tablet

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Secret Art of Animators Show in September

Secret Art of Animators The Hive Gallery in LA has announced a show of some great animators to be displayed starting Sept. 6-27 and curated by Stephen Holman and Josephine T. Huang, producers, directors and creators of stop-motion animated series Life With Loopy (Nickelodeon), The Bite-Sized Adventures of Sam Sandwich (Disney Junior) and Phantom Investigators (Warner Bros). This should prove …

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