Artist Interviews

Creative Tablet Interview with Christian Musselman

Creative Tablet Interview with Christian Musselman I found Christian Musselman’s Illustrator work very exciting and with a lot of detail of architectural elements combined with great color combinations makes his work unique. His reason for architectural elements is to “spark a new awareness of the hidden and undetectable ornamentation” TCT. What got you started in illustration? CM:  Coloring Books. As …

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Adobe Inspire Article

Adobe Logo

Adobe Inspire Article Here is an article that we thought would be inspiring to read about other artists and was written by Pollyanna Macchiano. The focus of the article is the under 25 year old Photoshoppers, so most of us here don’t fit the category by any means.  However, we do fit the Photoshop category. Anyway enjoy the article. Ah, …

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Creative Tablets Josh Rossi Interview

Creative Tablets Josh Rossi Interview We saw Josh Rossi’s work and loved his techniques and composition. We were not sure how it achieves the fantasy images, so we figured “Let’s interview him”. The most interesting thing about Josh is his workplace… a bus. Not just any bus, but a custom one all decked out with equipment and gadgets. Here is …

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Artist Orlando Arocena Interview

Artist Orlando Arocena Interview While searching through many images on-line, to find unusual art and found someone doing vector illustrations. Nothing new with that type of work, but the artwork is terrific. Orlando Arocena is the artist and he agreed to do an interview with me and here it is: TCT: What design program do you prefer working with and …

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Don Seegmiller Interview

Don Seegmiller Corel Painter Interview. Don Seegmiller is an accomplished artist and Corel Painter pro and been given his own issue.  How many artists do you know that have their own how-to book? Thank you to Don for taking the time away from his busy schedule to do this short interview. 1. How did you learn Corel Painter? I learned …

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Antonio Javier Caparo Interview


Antonio Javier Caparo Interview We saw the his art and felt we needed to know more about the artist and his work. His illustrations are amazing and very creative and he has done work for some prestigious publishing houses such as Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins and others. Surprisingly, his studio is simple and uncluttered. Just the opposite of most …

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The Unbelievable in Photoshop

Wishful thinking - Wilheim

The Unbelievable in Photoshop. You are probably wondering what could be so unbelievable?  Simple…John Wilhelm’s photographs. John creates some fantastic photography with Photoshop.  I looked at his images and found that the work is great and his subjects (the little girl) have some funny expressions. Not sure if the expression is Photoshopped or real, so I asked him: 1. Are …

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Martin McKenna Interview


Martin McKenna Interview We have an interview from Martin Mckenna who has created some great art: CT:  What motivates you to draw? MM: Usually a deadline.  Or the gas bill.  But, even were it not for any external forces, I’d still feel an indefinable need to create stuff.  If I don’t draw, or write, or make something new, before long …

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Spotlight: Karl Liversidge Interview

Spotlight: Karl Liversidge Interview We have interviewed Karl for our website and have some of his thoughts and tips for using Photoshop for creating stunning images. TCT:  How did you learn your specific design/art software? Karl:  I’ve been using PC’s most of my life and been playing around in Photoshop for years (probably over a decade). So mostly it’s just …

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